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26.01.2004 Important bugfix release 2.0.4
All user with a version < 2.0.4 should use this new release instead! New user as well.
To the download page.

30.11.2004 Important bugfix release 2.0.3
All user of a version from 2.0.0-2.0.2 should use this new release instead! New user as well.
From now on you will find all release notes in the new section "Release Notes".

To the download page.

At least thanks at Mikeal, John and Simon for their feedback, suggestions and or bug reportings.

27.11.2004 Version 2.0.2 released
Version 2.0.2 is released. Next to some bugfixes the only visible changes is the commandline support.
Download the sourcecode and or the executable file from the SQLToNeo project page.
To the download page.

10.11.2004 Source of version 2.0.0 released
Today i released the source of version 2.0.0. You can download the source from the SQLToNeo project page on To the download
If you find bugs or have any suggestions be so kind and post these here. Tracker
The help section will be updated during the next days.

02.11.2004 Roadmap
Added the SQLToNeo development roadmap. To the roadmap

01.11.2004 Preview SQLToNeo version 2.0.0 Screenshot
First Screenshot of the next version 2.0.0 is as a preview online. The next version comes not only with a new gui design it's a complete rewrite. With a set of interfaces that should make it easy to implement analyzer for the other possible datastores of neo Oracle and Firebird. To the screenshot
Today erik also released version 1.3.0 of neo. The most important change is the firebird support. To neo homepage

07.10.2004 Sourcecode as download available
The SQLToNeo sourcecode is available on the project page of SQLToNeo. In the current sourcecode version the cascade onUpdate and onDelete rules are considered.
Download here

28.09.2004 SQLToNeo 1.0.1 beta released
A new bug fixed version is available. See bugfix list for details:

+ Reset ModelBuilder datasets, after changing current project.
+ Fixed bug in algorithm for getting the PK for the tables.
+ Fixed bug in algorithm for getting the data types use by the XML Model.

If somebody find more bugs, be so kind and use the project bug tracking system on the SQLToNeo project homepage, thanks. Post a bug

Download version 1.0.1 here

21.09.2004 SQLToNeo 1.0.0 beta released
Now SQLToNeo is available as executable file on Sourceforge downloadpage. Download here

14.09.2004 This homepage is available
Not more ;-)

14.09.2004 Bugfixes and Add On
now it is possible to choose the type of DB connection. That simply means, that you could choose if want to connect the database via SSPI or Standard Security (User/Password) .
I also fixed some bugs in managing the restrictions. SQLToNeo is still available via anonymous cvs checkout!

10.09.2004 All SQL Server types supported
SQLToNeo now supported all SQL Server types.

08.09.2004 First Checkin
SQLToNeo is now Open Source published under the LGPL. At this time there isn't an executable package for Download available. The only way to get SQLToNeo is an anonymous CVS checkout. You will get an executable Visual Studio .net 2003 project. Logo

Notice that using SQLToNeo only make sense, if you use or plan to use the Neo Framework! Download and further information of the Neo Framework look here. To Neo Homepage

SQLToNeo project page on
Author of SQLToNeo: Lars Behrmann